Interview with the president of SIEPSE.

Mercedes Gallizo Llamas is the president of siepse (Society of Penitentiary Infrastructures and Equipment and State Security), linked to penitentiary infrastructures and equipment.

The Javis. Passing through Soto del Real.

The duo Los Javis, composed of Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi, have managed to stand out in the world of acting, directing, and writing with successes like La Llamada, La Veneno, Paquita Salas, and Cardo.


Stories of a war.

“Stories of a War” is a chronicle told by a group of war correspondents about a scenario. Real stories of people who went to sleep like any other day and woke up in a completely unknown world.


The jurist answers.

I am pleased to answer these questions directed to me by the editorial team of “Ecos de Soto”: a unique publication. It represents a chant to many noble values, to hope, to a deep trust in human beings.

Questions about classifications.

Once the sentence is received in the penitentiary, either because the inmate was in pre-trial detention and has been sentenced, or because the inmate has voluntarily entered with a final sentence, the classification in the appropriate treatment level must be carried out within a maximum period of two months.

Beyond the Electric Car.

The energy transition has arrived to stay and it is destined to change everything: how we live, how we produce, how we consume, and also how we move.


Money ruined me.

Don’t waste your time here. Think about what’s inside and what awaits you outside. Soto has been an experience I will never forget.


To your health.

“It seems to be trendy now, everyone says they go to therapy” “even Justin Bieber, who’s so famous,” says Juanma “if he goes out partying and with prostitutes, how can he be doing badly…”
enredos de hilo

Tangled Threads.

The exhibition consists of 29 paintings made of threads. It started in Madrid VI and continues its journey in Madrid V, where it has been exhibited in various modules and finally in the socio-cultural gallery.

The Life of Bees.

In these turbulent times that we are living in, where events unfold that thought could only be seen on a movie screen: pandemics, natural disasters, wars at our doorstep…